Best Music And Art Festivals Near
Joshua Tree National Park

Joshua Tree National Park is so much more than a stunning desert landscape. It is also a place of celebration, where over two million people from across the globe come to enjoy its beauty each year

But Joshua Tree is more than just a nature lover’s paradise. And there is no better example of this than the music festivals that are held in and around the park.

Joshua Tree Music Festival 

Every Spring and Fall, The Joshua Tree Music Festival celebrates not only great music but the arts as a whole. The four-day festival is held just north of the park in 29 Palms and was founded in 2003.

Performers come together for the sake of passionate creativity, community engagement, and art education for all.  Listen to music, attend a yoga workshop, or stroll through the unique visual arts areas to see gorgeous photography, paintings, and other mediums. 

The music is funkadelic, soul-groovy and eccentric. Not your cup of tea? Then the art, yoga and family-centered activities surely will be!  You can easily enjoy the festival without attending a musical performance.

Art installations food vendors and world market stands will sure to keep you engaged. At night, take advantage of stargazing, one of Joshua Tree’s most popular pastimes.

The festival puts an emphasis on the family, as many ‘Kidsville’ activities are held. Parents can unwind at the Healing Oasis. Check out the live painting and auction event.

The Joshua Tree Music Festival is not just another festival, it is one of those unique to the eccentric Joshua Tree experiences where the love of the outdoors, music, friends and family connections meet the funky artsy vibe famous in the area.

As with most festivals with a large gathering of people, rules are enforced, and a visit to the website is recommended before you go! It truly is a family-friendly global music experience.

Shakti Fest is a festival held in May that centers around the sacred practice of yoga. The music here is sacred, or Kirtan, and definitely worth going to if you wish to seek out a more spiritual path. This is a drug and alcohol-free festival, with yoga classes from renowned instructors, meditation, and an emphasis on the Divine Feminine. Workshops on personal growth are also offered during the 5-day event.

In 2019 this festival has moved from JTRC to the Joshua Tree Campground at the north face of Joshua Tree National Park. All ages are welcome, and the festival goes draw inspiration from both modern and ancient sacred wisdom. New to yoga? Not to worry, this heart-centered event is open to all who want to study yoga.

Bhakti Fest is the late summer/early fall counterpart to Shakti Fest and usually lasts about six days. Much like Shakti Fest, yoga classes, spiritual music, and personal growth opportunities are plentiful. Both festivals are part of the Center for Spiritual Studies, a nonprofit that supports charities mainly in India.